Ultimate tips to learn a new language!

Learning a new language is good for countless things! These are the steps and things you can do to learn any language you desire!

Start with , the alphabet and numbers. Move on to colours and animals, than adjectives. Next verbs, nouns and pronouns.

Make it fun! Don’t make it a chore make it something you want to do! Make posters, use colour, Draw a body and label the part, cut out or print out pictures. And label them.

Find a friend, use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest any social media and make a friend that either speaks the language or is trying to learn it also.

Test yourself, print tests or get that friend to help. Testing yourself will give you more confidence in the language and help you improve also to see how much you’ve improved!

Do it cheap, don’t go out and buy 20 books or start a course that you’ll never finish. Use YouTube or google and do it yourself!

Jam out, listen to music in that language and find songs, artists, or genres you love and have never heard. Learn the lyrics like a new Ed Sheehan or Selena Gomez song. Make playlists!

I hope you got something out of this and use my tips, let me know if you do x!!!!!! 😘😘❤️

How to cheer your self up after being stood up/ someone cancels last minute.

Being stood up, just plain sucks. It’s hard because what do you do?! Don’t let your night be ruined just because it’s not how you planned, instead……

Take cute photos

You’re already dressed up, so why not !? You will have new Instagram or Pinterest photos.😍❗️

Take your self out

Take yourself to the movies, drive ins, Starbucks. You deserve it! You thought you were going to have a great night, so why not still have one !?

Do something you love

Read, Journal, Draw, dance, sing, Photography. How could doing something you love not cheer you up?!

Make a list of reasons why you love yourself , or things you’re good at.

After being stood up, your self esteem may be down, so give yourself a confidence boost! Why do you love yourself?! Are you motivated?, selfless? Kind? Whatever it may be. Write it down, and you can look at it in the future.

Call or hangout with your bestie!

Call him or her, vent! It does wonders! If its your bestie that canceled on you, call someone close to you who will listen, mum/ dad, brother/ sister, cousin, boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Have a spa night

• Face mask

• Take a hot bath 🛀

• Movie marathon 🍿

Just relax and laugh.

The bright side of moving away.

I am currently living at my mums, I’ve finally settled and I now have my core group of friends, I’m attached.

But at this end of this year in December, I am moving 40 minuets away to live with my dad. I know a lot of people from that high school but I don’t know the people they are today .

We went to primary school together but haven’t spoken in a while.

I’m not afraid of marking new friends, but I can’t be bothered with the drama and the “you’ve changed”. I just want to stay. I have a choice but I don’t know how to tell my dad I want to stay… I’ll crush him, I have accepted that I’m moving but I’m praying that I’ll get the subjects I want,…the school has already got the kids to select the subjects they want, so I’m not sure. At least I’ll have, new friends, new experience, better opportunity, see my dad more, be with my brother, have my cousin at the school, fresh start and a way to know if I’m strong enough to stay who I am and not change for others .

To sum it up, look at the bright side in things it makes everything easier xx hope you enjoyed reading my thought 💕

The thoughts of A sensitive bottled up teen girl…😬😁

(Deep in a teen girls mind part 2)

I’m angry at myself.

I want to be happy.

I act happy which makes me happy!

But sometimes it’s hard and tiring.

Why can’t I just spit it out and tell someone?

But I do know why…

Because I’m embarrassed thats why. I’m scared to talk to someone if they take it the wrong way or don’t care.

I don’t want to be the deporessesd girl

I’m not.

I’m not depressed .

I know that.

But I’m not always as happy as I act,

But I want to be,

I try to be,

I love my life.

I love my friends.

I love my heart.

I hate my mind. 😕

And i hate that I hate my mind..

I don’t want to be that girl who’s too sensitive.

I want to be confident!

I want to be the girl people see me as.

I don’t blame them for not noticing that I’m not as confident as I seem. I wouldn’t notice.

But sometimes.. I’m hurting and I never tell anyone.

I just can’t spit it out.

…I can

But I don’t want to.

It scares me!

I think, I over think.

And care to much about what people think of me.

It’s not like I want to be reallly really happy, because I am.

But I think I don’t know what’s real and what’s fake anymore.

But I know it’ll pass I’ll be genuinely happy in a couple days or weeks.

So I know I’ll be okay!

But one day there will be someone,

Someone I will talk to,

Share my thoughts with .

Long story short, talk to someone , don’t bottle up or this will happen…! Hope you didn’t cringe while reading my thoughts ❤️

Deep in a teen mind.

Sometimes it kills me…..Sometimes I don’t care what they say.

I wish I knew how to not care I wish I wasn’t so sensitive… But I am

Everyone hurts me, Everything hurts me, I hurt me,

There’re not trying to. I know there not trying to, maybe some are but I don’t want to be hurt by it.

If I could this change, I would.

But it’s hard.

I’ve tried,

I’m trying to.

I don’t know why I care 🤷‍♀️

It’s not like I want to.

I don’t want to.

I dont want them to know they’re hurting me.

Then I’ll seem…. Well idk

I wish I could talk to someone

And they would understand

I wish that I could….No . see that? I hate that.

I don’t want to do that or be that

“I wish” ”I wish”

That’s ugly. don’t wish. do. Make it happen.

But that’s where I’m stuck…I’ve tried so many times but it’s so hard.

I’m not strong enough.

But I’m trying to be!

I’m contriticting my self🙄

I wish…want …can’t ? ugh!



i feel like I’m going to cry, but I’m so sick of crying !

I want a cuddle! I need a hug! I need someone to hug!

I’m lonely. it always feels… As if something’s missing…..But what?

I wish I understood myself !

No. ugh !

I always blame it on being a teenage girl

But what does that even mean ?

Why do I cry over everything !?

I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad, angry, stressed, overwhelmed sometimes I’m crying and I don’t even know why !? so I stop. Like mid crying and then it’s akward…..but I laugh.

Moral of the story,

“No one will ever figure out the teenage mind.” – tate McRae

I hope you didn’t hate reading my thoughts 🤷‍♀️😬😁😘

I tested drinking 3 litres of water a day for 1 month and this is what happened….

My experience !

Day 1 the water was way to much I only drank 1 litre. For the rest of that week i added a glass each day.

For example 2nd day : 1 litre 1 glass .

3rd day : 1 litre 2 glasses

I did this until I reached 1 litre 6 glasses. The next day I managed to drink 3 litres and continued from there.

While doing this experiment I found I couldn’t drink the full 3 litres in glasses , it felt as I was drinking so much more. Instead I had 6 bottles of 500 ml each day .

Difficulties :

This may be obvious but my bladder was full all the time. Only I am in class 6 hours a day and well… school bathrooms aren’t the most hygienic. I went threw a lot of hand sanitiser.

My classes are 72 minuets each. Which wasn’t the greatest thing for this challenge because, the toilets that we have to use during class time is unbearable in my opinion. Therefore I had to wait roughly 75 minuets to go to the toilet.


I felt full, I ate 2 meals with a school lunch in between. I didn’t need nor want anymore food.

I Felt awake, i was ready to take on daily tasks with much more energy than before this challenge.

According to http://www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/10-reasons-drink-3-liters-water-day-101-ounces/ Drinking 3 litres of water a day, includes weight loss and prevents cramps. Two of which did not happen to me. My weight actually gained 1 kg , even though I was eating the same or less. And still felt cramps during my cycle.

Although the article also mentioned that this challenge prevents headaches and gives you glowing skin. Which happy to report, both did occur. I used to get bad headaches once/ twice a week. Since drinking the water I have gotten 0 headaches! And I noticed my skin looking better within the first 2 weeks, a couple other people complemented me on my skin as well.

Overall, I will continue to drink water everyday. Except I’m going to narrow down the 3 litres to 2 litres a day. I think doing this challenge was worth the difficulties. I give this a 4 bottles of water out of 5 . 😉😁

My blurry world (poem)

A plastic frame, glass to see through, made specifically for me, not you.

As I place them on my ears and let them rest on my nose, everything becomes clear. And that just the way it goes.

As soon as they’re on it’s all for show, I can now see every blink and every crevice on you’re face, But, I do not want to know. So I take them off and put them back in their case.

Now I can’t see you’re eyes looking in mine, Therefore, I don’t get those creepy tingles up my spine,

I can pick and chose what I see a little more. Hopefully i don’t run into the door. 😁