List of summer ideas for when you’re bored.

Hope you find these helpful ❤️

First up, Messy twister

2. An escape room, there are some at strike

3. Learn a new skill, for example instruments, dances, sport tricks, skating, makeup… etc.

4. Bonfire and s’mores.

5. The drive ins 🚘, Paintballing, rockclimbing, bowling, laser tag..

6. Weekend getaway to a beach place. It’s expensive, in Australia roughly $600 all cost included, for 5 people.

7. Learn to write with your opposite hand or to mimic someone else’s handwriting

8. Make a day out of hiking/ try new hiking trails

9. Try new desserts, new recipes, new healthy alternatives or healthy shakes.

10. Make a dream journal, after read it and write it as a movie script.

11. Try challenges,

There’s food challenges,

10k calorie challenge.

No added sugar for a week. sports challenges,

Learn to soccer juggle a ball 100 times.

Loose 10kg in a week working out.

Hair, 1 handed pony tail.

and there’s so so much more.

12. Try out new cafès or restaurants

13. Make a music video to your favourite or most hated song

14. Go to a music festival

15. Start a tradition with a friend or relative, for example a show that You only watch when your FaceTiming or together or maybe a once a month shopping spree with them

Comment below for part 2 cause I have many more ideas.

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