I. need. friends.

I have no friends

I may not need them although I do want them

And I’m not just being dramatic and saying I have no friends because I actually do but they all suck. I don’t even have sucky friends. Because I have none. Yep. None. No friends. Okay I think you get the point. Now let’s make it clear that in no way do I want you to feel sorry for me. Seriously don’t. Honestly I have such a good life and I’m so happy…. but I want people to share it with. You get me ?…. (*okay be prepared for mildly cringe worthy/ cheesy sentences*)

…..People who have a laugh that makes me laugh.

People that will do anything with me.

People I can call at midnight and will go somewhere with me. People who make me feel as though whatever’s going on in the world or my life doesn’t matter, when I’m with them.

They really don’t have to be perfect., when they talk to me they don’t have to sugar coat their words, about me or anyone else. When they talk to me they don’t have to lie and tell me that they’re fine, or try to hide there scars. Mentally or physically. They don’t have to put a hat on because of a bad hair day, or just because they haven’t washed it in a week. They don’t need to cover their zits or eye bags, Neither do they need to hide their insecurities.

I hope they would feel comfortable with me and feel that they can trust me.

I hope they think of me when they just want to get away from the world and have fun.

lol I feel so lonely rn.

Thankyou if you read all of that, thanks for reading out my thoughts .,, if you have any suggestions on blog post as always leave them below x

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