Your weight will never change if you have this mind set.

Heyy everyone that’s reading. If you’re a reader who is trying or has tried changing your weight and the way your body looks, but somehow you seem to always give up! Maybe you can’t stay motivated. Or maybe you feel as though you’ve tried everything but nothing works…..

Well.. things do work although nothing will work if you don’t have the right mindset.

Are any of these why you want to loose/ gain weight?

you think your fat

you want to make your family or someone else happy

you get bullied or teased about your weight

You think it’s wrong the way your body is

If you are trying to make somebody else proud of you. Or trying to get somebody else to stop bullying you about your weight. And that’s why you’ve tried to “fix” your body.

It won’t work.


Because your not doing want You truly want.

Yes, of course, you want to make them proud.

And Yes, of course, you don’t want them to bully you.

You wouldn’t try to change if you did want that.

But You’re not doing what You truly want, because your trying to do what they want. or change what They hate. about you.

If you beyond doubt wanted to loose weight, you wouldn’t be looking for motivation or inspiration. You’d be dedicated!

If you’re dedicated it’s not a switch. You don’t just jump into it and think you can change all your eating habits or lazy tendencies in one day.


That’s Motivation. And Motivation Fades.

Give it a week or maybe as short as a couple days and As we know the story ends up, with You sitting on the couch, accompanied by 10 chocolate rappers next to you.

This is how you know, it’s not what your heart or mind genuinely wants.

Change your mind set. And this change won’t happen over night.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on, why if you don’t have the right mindset your weight journey will be extra long. If you want to read a post about how to get dedicated comment bellow! 👇👇

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