How to/ How I declutter my phone

Sometimes I find going threw my phone, is unorganised or overmealming so once a month or so I go threw it to clear it out. This does take a long time, but you can always do it day by day and it’s worth it in the end.

Clearing all apps.

Start with something simple. For example I’d clear my history and extra unnecessary tabs in safari and or google.

Then I move on to voice memos and old notes.

Next I unsubscribe to You Tube accounts I don’t watch or enjoy anymore also people who haven’t uploaded in over one year. I always miss some so I like to go over them.

Phone contacts, there’s never many I have to delete. Although I always clear the “recent calls” section because they just use up storage.

Same with messages. Especially old ones, you don’t need them! Maybe you think “oh it’s nice to have”, “I like having the memory”. The memory ? If your not going to actually read back and reflect on the texts, you don’t need them. 💛

I also go threw Pinterest and set out the boards properly and try to delete the pins that aren’t needed or relevant anymore.

Snap chat uses more storage than you’d think. It has its own camera roll! Going threw memories and the Snapchat friends list to remove the things you don’t need or want anymore.

The one that we all dread. Camera roll.

What I like to do, is to delete the photos and videos from the albums instead of going threw all of them. I always feel overwhelmed going threw all of the photos. Once that’s done putting all the photos on a USB or in a folder on your laptop or computer save a lot of storage.

Have a clean background. Having a clean background makes the whole screen look more put together. It’s can still have colour and be bright. If your going for a bright colour (red,orange ect) then stick to basics, these type of colours don’t need a complement colour because they say enough for themselves.

If it’s still not enough for you then you can always google and find photos that have the effect of texture on the colour. For example these two….

If you are going for simple colours baby pink, lilac then you can do an ombré effect as either of these do…….


If there’s apps you don’t use that you can’t delete put them all in a folder, mine looks like this…

Also games or social media, put them all into one folder or even separate folders. Example….. for Instagram editing, inspiration apps or whatever else you can think of.

If there is any apps that I missed, go threw them! Decluttering your phone isn’t always easy, but it’s a must. I hope that now, you have some new tips to clear out your phone!

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