Unheard of Health Habits!

Heyyy, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you came here for because, No. this won’t be a normal Healthy Habits “drink water”, “get good sleep”, “eat clean”, although these are important things we should all keep up with, the following are “Heathy Habits” for your mind, I’m sharing with you some healthy habits you may not think of or do daily.


Be kind to yourself. Have you ever notice yourself having self doubt or self discouragement?

Or maybe you don’t notice when you’re doing it, thinking those thoughts, but you’ve thought them you realise.?

…..Well if you notice your self doing it. Stop. Take a moment and remind yourself you don’t need to give in to those thoughts. If you notice after the fact, after you have discouraged yourself, then remind yourself of something you love about You. Then set a goal to improve that, and you won’t even be thinking about what YOU believe you’re not good enough for.

I emphasise on the “you” Because, just because you believe you “can’t” or “will never be”, doesn’t mean you can’t/ won’t.


Be productive. Yes. I know you want to relax and rest. But there’s a difference between resting and procrastinating. Set yourself up in an environment that your can and will be ready to work or plan.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” – Charles Darwin


Read the word. Always remember you GET TO, not HAVE TO, but get to read the bible. Reading the bible isn’t a chore it’s a blessing. Read to build your relationship with God, Read so God can spread his word threw you, Read so you can understand Him and what he’s responding or asking of you more.

I can make a whole blog post explaining the importance of this and how it Benefits you. Let me know if you want it. 💛


Appreciate out loud. So I’m sure you’ve all seen or read a post about healthy habits and they all say to be great full. And Yes, I believe to be great full for everything no matter how small. The next step, is to voice your gratitude. Let your mum, dad, brother, neighbour, bestie, know what you’re feeling, show them! Your don’t have to spend money, just write a card, take time for yourselves. If you keep showing them how great fully out are, they will soon do the same.


Write. Write down your thoughts, your ideas, your anxiety’s, your questions.

If you do this you’ll see your thinking on the page or screen. You’ll understand more. You will notice your thinking habits more, do you think about doubt, jealousy, great fullness? Or do you make a lot of judgments? Well all of it, All of it, you can reflect and improve.

These were the 5 Habits you need to remember. I hope you enjoyed reading out my thoughts on why these “healthy habits” are so important. 💛

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