Recreating Pinterest DIYS !

This is a Collab with Ellie.Ann !!!

She is so gorgeous, funny and nice. I haven’t known her for a long time but I do know she loves making YouTube videos! Yes. She’s a YouTubed not a blogger,,,, still go and check out her channel ! @Ellie. Ann


I tried recreating this photo of a ballerina’s tutu made out of paper roses. (Don’t mind the bad camera quality, I’m saving for a new one)

This one was time consuming, but super super fun I don’t know why? But making these was so satisfying to make !


This one was again fun, to find a leaf and paint it………

…….But this one was such a fail! I thought it would have been so cute but I guess not. Maybe it was the fact that the Pinterest photo has fabric and I had paper.?


Because that one was a fail I added a bonus one!

I think that there was a reoccurring thing here, which is that they were all fun to make! 😂 in this one the Pinterest photo looks way better then mine but I’m still really happy with the way mine turned out!

Lastly = 4th

I think this ones self explanatory! This one was my favourite to make ! 💛

I hope you enjoyed something different! Don’t forget to check out Ellie’s channel xx

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