I was Exited from class, (Story time)

The class was outside in line. My friends and I were having a good time somehow we started pouring water on each other. It was so funny we were all laughing but as soon as I dunk half a bottle of water on my friends head the teacher happened to look at mee! My thoughts were….. Well I had no thoughts, I just accepted it… I was in some deep trouble 😂😭. He asked me to wait in sub school and straight away two kids in my class took me to sub school when he told them so many times not to. I went to subschool anyway and these two kids were pushing the exit so much! I was confused and felt a little betrayed. Why? Why are they doing this? So the sub school teacher asked them to leave they didn’t I asked them to leave and my maths teacher was there now so she sent them out. Well of course they didn’t get into trouble. ( I also saw them from my exit class leave class early, laughing and running around school). So apparently my teacher picks favourites now.

The sub school teacher is so nice and doesn’t want to exit me but she has to. I understood. She tells me to go to A4. I start walking there, I have no idea we’re I am or which way I’m supposed to me going. I’m officially lost.😂 I’m looking through all the windows of the class rooms, but they’re tinted so I have to press against them and block out the sun with my hands 😂 (I probably looked so ridiculous.) I was so confused and heated I just started crying, full on weeping. In the middle of some walkway in school I started CRYING 😂🤷‍♀️⁉️……..Anyyyyywayyy the whole time the class I had to go to was right across from subschool.🙄

I walked in the class room and I could see the assumptions the teacher was making on her face. She doesn’t know what I did. Why should she judge me for what she doesn’t know. She looks me up and down and says “Take a seat”.

All of the boys in the class were going “ohhhh” “she in trouble”.

After I sat down they were asking me what me what my name is and bombarding me with questions. (I wanted my chair to swallow me). They were all year 10s and there was only 2 other girls in the class 🤔⁉️ The teacher started playing a movie 🎥 I was cringing soooo hard. Every second word (no exaggeration) was a swear word. I don’t mind others swearing but this was more swearing in one session then I hear in a whole day…. and I’m surrounded by teens. I just sat and watched this weird inappropriate movie until class was Over. I waited every minute until that bell went off. I was so incredibly board, I would have rather been doing chores.

So this was the story of the time I was unfairly exited from class. 🤷‍♀️ (what can you do). Remember to have a good time, but try and do the right thing 😂 hope you enjoyed reading out my thoughts 💭

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