Things to remember on the first day of school!

Be yourself

Ok, ok, hear me out. What is that voice saying ? “Go talk to that girl” “don’t hang out with those kids” “you are worth more than what they are calling you” “ooo that boys really cute” …maybe not that last one but those are my daily thoughts 😬😂 if you feel in your gut that it’s wrong don’t do it , if you feel you can make an impact by saying something kind , do it! Stick to what you believe.

Step out of your comfort zone

I’m not contradicting myself. Be who you are and trust yourself but if it’s something you want to do….talk to that boy…make a new friend? Honestly….

Their words are NOT your worth

Just because they say you’re ugly, fat, a Jesus freak, dumb or nerdy, it doesn’t mean you are…Or maybe you are but own it! Work it! Slay it! Say this.. “yeh I am , but I look great being it/doing it” ….if you don’t have the confidence. Just remind yourself you are worth so much more than that! You are not you’re grades or the number on the scale or the clothes you wear! You are stronger and better! no matter if you wear Gucci or Kmart, you can overcome anything you set your mind to !!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry a little rant and a bit cheesy 🧀)

Don’t put to much pressure on yourself.

This ones self explanatory. If you fail a test, remember there’s always going to be another one and you will do better! (“This is self explanatory”…. but i explain it😂🤦🏻‍♀️)

Participate in class

…..I know, I know. I know exactly what you’re thinking I’m a teen to! But seriously, it helps so much, you understand so much more I know it’s scary and embarrassing or you don’t want to look like the “dumb kid” but you’re there (at school) for you. not them. They’re not going to be the ones to get you a job. There not going to Ace that text for you. You are ! It’s in your hands , ask for extra work to study…. maybe ask for less and for the teacher to go more in depth. Whatever you need you’ve got to ask.

To finish off….Be careful with what you say!

You can do and say whatever you want as long as your not hurting someone 💛

Hope you got something out of reading out my thoughts on things to remember for school!

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