August playlist 🎧

These are the songs I’ve been obsessed with lately………

Starting off I have 2 by George Ezra. He voice is so unique and I’ve never heard the lyrics he uses before.

We’re taking it back to the 80’s…my friend put on an 80’s playlist and these two songs stood out to me the most.

There will always and forever be one of my ginger babes song’s in my playlist. 😊😘

I never knew who this guy was Until he unfutontly was killed, so I looked him up, found this song and I fell in love with it.

There’s this married couple on YouTube named @jessandgabe, they are so sweet from what I can tell. They never fail to make me laugh in their vlogs. Ever since they came out with their album I can’t stop listening to it!

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one. I just like the acoustic version better.

I always seem to get this song stuck in my head.

Speechless by dan and shay is so heartwarming and beautiful. The lyrics are the way every girl wants to be talked about.

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on these songs I had so much fun making this blog post. I hope you add some songs to your playlist!!! Comment your fav songs atmπŸ˜˜πŸ’“

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