How to cheer your self up after being stood up/ someone cancels last minute.

Being stood up, just plain sucks. It’s hard because what do you do?! Don’t let your night be ruined just because it’s not how you planned, instead……

Take cute photos

You’re already dressed up, so why not !? You will have new Instagram or Pinterest photos.😍❗️

Take your self out

Take yourself to the movies, drive ins, Starbucks. You deserve it! You thought you were going to have a great night, so why not still have one !?

Do something you love

Read, Journal, Draw, dance, sing, Photography. How could doing something you love not cheer you up?!

Make a list of reasons why you love yourself , or things you’re good at.

After being stood up, your self esteem may be down, so give yourself a confidence boost! Why do you love yourself?! Are you motivated?, selfless? Kind? Whatever it may be. Write it down, and you can look at it in the future.

Call or hangout with your bestie!

Call him or her, vent! It does wonders! If its your bestie that canceled on you, call someone close to you who will listen, mum/ dad, brother/ sister, cousin, boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Have a spa night

• Face mask

• Take a hot bath 🛀

• Movie marathon 🍿

Just relax and laugh.

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