The bright side of moving away.

I am currently living at my mums, I’ve finally settled and I now have my core group of friends, I’m attached.

But at this end of this year in December, I am moving 40 minuets away to live with my dad. I know a lot of people from that high school but I don’t know the people they are today .

We went to primary school together but haven’t spoken in a while.

I’m not afraid of marking new friends, but I can’t be bothered with the drama and the “you’ve changed”. I just want to stay. I have a choice but I don’t know how to tell my dad I want to stay… I’ll crush him, I have accepted that I’m moving but I’m praying that I’ll get the subjects I want,…the school has already got the kids to select the subjects they want, so I’m not sure. At least I’ll have, new friends, new experience, better opportunity, see my dad more, be with my brother, have my cousin at the school, fresh start and a way to know if I’m strong enough to stay who I am and not change for others .

To sum it up, look at the bright side in things it makes everything easier xx hope you enjoyed reading my thought 💕

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