Deep in a teen mind.

Sometimes it kills me…..Sometimes I don’t care what they say.

I wish I knew how to not care I wish I wasn’t so sensitive… But I am

Everyone hurts me, Everything hurts me, I hurt me,

There’re not trying to. I know there not trying to, maybe some are but I don’t want to be hurt by it.

If I could this change, I would.

But it’s hard.

I’ve tried,

I’m trying to.

I don’t know why I care 🤷‍♀️

It’s not like I want to.

I don’t want to.

I dont want them to know they’re hurting me.

Then I’ll seem…. Well idk

I wish I could talk to someone

And they would understand

I wish that I could….No . see that? I hate that.

I don’t want to do that or be that

“I wish” ”I wish”

That’s ugly. don’t wish. do. Make it happen.

But that’s where I’m stuck…I’ve tried so many times but it’s so hard.

I’m not strong enough.

But I’m trying to be!

I’m contriticting my self🙄

I wish…want …can’t ? ugh!



i feel like I’m going to cry, but I’m so sick of crying !

I want a cuddle! I need a hug! I need someone to hug!

I’m lonely. it always feels… As if something’s missing…..But what?

I wish I understood myself !

No. ugh !

I always blame it on being a teenage girl

But what does that even mean ?

Why do I cry over everything !?

I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad, angry, stressed, overwhelmed sometimes I’m crying and I don’t even know why !? so I stop. Like mid crying and then it’s akward…..but I laugh.

Moral of the story,

“No one will ever figure out the teenage mind.” – tate McRae

I hope you didn’t hate reading my thoughts 🤷‍♀️😬😁😘

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